lunedì 22 giugno 2009


23 February
Even if very late on schedule, I decided to give it a try in any case and go to Phuket to look for a boat. The trip there has been terrible: late and with no train leaving from bangkok, I had to buy a bus-package from a khao-san road tourist agency (never do it!). I had to wait 3 hours in the middle of a noisy and polluted street for a bus that was not the class it was supposed to be, once in Phuket I also had to change other 3 various minivans before getting to destination.

Anyhow, once arrived I found out a lot of things: first Phuket is not the ugly place people may say you. Shocked by the bad Patong's fame as a sex-tourism destination, most of the people forget that Patong is only one little beach in a beautiful and diverse island: Phuket town is nice and charming itself, with its chino-portuguise colonial architecture that makes enjoyable to wander around the shadowed lanes; Chalong is a nice harbor, and the all north part of the island is less touristic and more agreeable.

I took a nice room at the “On-On hotel”, a stylish colonial building right in the heart of town. All around there are arts gallery and good little cheap restaurants.
Tomorrow I will start the harbors round, advertising all over the places and trying to talk with everybody can leads me to a good sailing boats to cross the indian ocean with.

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