lunedì 22 giugno 2009


Now that taking off the sea is not a priority anymore, I can focus on traveling about Thailand and south-east Asia: Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam; I think this region is really a casket of pearls. The culinary richness for sure is one of the more attractive: spicy dishes, colored foodstuffs prepared in big pots radiating all over the lane inviting scents...

South-east Asia is also a region very easy to travel: criminality is almost inexistent, and the biggest annoyance tourists can experience are little scams performed by salesmen and taxi/tuktuk/whatever-drivers; english is largely understood and even spoken, and that's why this is one of the most popular destination for young backpackers (who tend to spend their time getting drunk and party, trying to carefully avoid any place even slightly out of the bitten tracks, that is: if is not on Lonely Planet, it doesn't exist at all.).

Anyhow I couldn't miss what is considered one of the best party in the world, and so I reached Koh Pangan for the traditional FULL MOON PARTY. Used to be a once per month event (namely full moon), it ended up nowadays in being a cash machine, so that you can arrive any moment and you will always find something going on: full moon, half moon, no moon, pre-half moon, quarter moon, 3 quarter moon, i-am-too-drunk-to-see-the-moon, I-don't-give-a-shit-to-the-moon party...

A bit too commercial to my taste, but still something at least worth a few days try... but the island itself should be the real attraction: beautiful and wild, the north part really worths to be visited, enjoying the crazy roads (well, call that mold, rough, wild paths “roads” it is really an euphemism) driving a strong 4wheels.

The spirit of the island can be well sketched by a normal road: gasoline is sold by bottles, alcoholics are sold by buckets.

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franco carlo ha detto...

da come descrivi Koh Pangan si evince che è più facile girarla con un carro armato alimentato ad alcool(venduto a secchi)
piuttosto che con un fuoristrada a benzina(almeno trenta bottiglie per un pieno,mammamia quasi.. un intero ciclo lunare,per riempire!)
Quanto all Full moon party,half,no moon,ecc.ecc.è più sintetico il detto greco"echo ta fengaria mou"
(ho le mie lune...tutte insieme)che tradotto suona"sono incazzato"A proposito di foto sembra che dopo i buckets rosa
di alcool che si vedono sul tavolo
del full moon party avevi deciso di imparare il mestiere di Mahout (ben retribuito in India) però dovevi salire a cavalcioni della testa dell'elefante e non rimanere ..sulla proboscide!!AH!AH!
comunque come al solito sei sempre divertente!!!