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Marco Furio Ferrario
Born 28 May 1984
Weight: 65Kg
Height: 1,75m
Body-build: agile but strong

Full medical and legal insurance coverage up to Nov 2010, Europ Assistance.

Curriculum Vitae (marine)

E-MAIL marco.furio.f(AT)
CELLPHONE +393286926558 SKYPE:
HOME ADDRESS Viale Monza 38, Milano 20127, Italy

Born in Milan, Italy, 28th May 1984. Grown up in Italy, I have traveled around and about Europe and parts of Africa, my journeys always reflected the main nuance of my character: a deep and broad curiosity satisfied only by a direct and close contact with the subject of matter.
Excellent relational capacity, natural communication attitude.
I am laid back, clean and healthy. Hard working and energetic. Flexible and tolerant.

Willing to take on cleaning, polishing, and running maintenance duties as well as the more fun activities on board a boat.
Willing to follow the captain’s and crew’s way and rules, both on sailing and living-on-board styles.

Really easy-going and always looking for fun and good time in good company.
Athletic skills: good in climbing and experienced sailor and instructor, the practice in those fields have enhanced my ability to get along with people in very stressful and keyed up situations in which communication skills and ability to manage large groups are fundamental to maintain the crew’s concentration and reach the expected goals.
Height: 1,75m Weight: 65Kg Body-build: agile but strong

( = I will not fill up your boat with my stuff ;-)
I normally travel with a small soft bag (75x45x34cm, 85litres) and a little 100%waterproof backpack for electronic devices, documents and emergency pieces of clothing (31x12x45cm, 30litres). Luggage may be reduced to match space availability.

University Vita Salute San Raffaele, Milan
Graduated WITH HONORS (110/110 Summa cum Laude)
DISSERTATION TITLE: Being has two ways: lie or live (Individuality of things and of living beings)

Now. The last year I spent it entirely on the sea. I have been sailing from Europe to New Zealand, through Panama canal, getting on 7 different boats along the way, working occasionally, always having great fun and meeting good people.
November 2007. I have about 10.000 miles of sailing experience both on cruising and racing. I start my first round of the world, join sailing boats for different legs.
From 2005 I started working as Dinghy (Basic, Improvement, and Advanced) Sailing instructor.
From 2004 I started racing: Pirelli Trophy (costal and long/ Bowman – Main Sheet), Zegna Tro-phy(costal / Main Sheet), Cetacei Regatta (long / helmsman – main sail trimmer), CorsicaXtutti (long / helmsman – main sail trimmer), La Spezia Winter Championship (costals / main sail trimmer).
From that year I started sailing regularly and frequently (I spent about 3 months per year on board).
I took offshore-licence and I started to sail on my own.
2000-2004. Sailing recreationally and occasionally on dinghy (laser, laser 2000, 420, 470) and different cruisers.
1999. I approached sailing when I was 14, attending basic and advanced courses both on dinghy and sailing vessels in some sailing schools.

Yes, I can cook very well (typical Italian dishes especially).
Easy-going and tolerant. Flexible and polite. I can follow the boat’s rule.

Can stay focused for long time, can adjust sleeping time to accommodate sailing needs. Extremely passionate and fast learner.

High proficiency of MS Windows environment, and MS Office applications.
High proficiency of Mac environments, some knowledge of Linux and Unix distributions.
Natural intuition and familiarity with technology in general, good command of Hardware.

Italian mother tongue.
Good command of written and spoken English.
Some Spanish.
Survival French.

Good comprehension of written Latin and Ancient Greek.

I want to take a sabbatical year to “travel the world and the seven seas”! From November 2007 I will sail heading west jumping from one boat to another, hoping to find nice and interest people willing to take me in the crew for small or long crossing. The path of the journey will be continuously on building but more or less I will follow the classic trade winds’ itinerary to circle the globe:
November(07) – March(08): Balearic Islands – Gibraltar – Canary Islands – Atlantic Ocean – Caribbean
March – May: Colòn – Panama Canal – Galapagos – Pacific Ocean
May – August: Marquesas Islands – French Polynesia
September- October: Cooks Islands - Vavau - Tonga
November: New Zealand
December: Australia
January - Febuary: Indonesia - Malaysia - Thailand
March: Indian ocean crossing to Sri lanka - Maldives
April - May: Maldives - Seychelles
June - July: Madagascar - Africa OR Red Sea
August: make my way up to the mediterrean sea, where ever I will be, to be back in Italy for September 2009... really?

This is in my mind now, but possibly I will change this path accordingly with the boats and people I will meet.

Easy going, nice and polite people. Willing to enjoy the pleasure of traveling and sail the world.
I’m open to any kind of opportunities that can bring me along in my journey so both commercial (paid) and recreational (private) sails.
I would like to be part of the crew in all respects and so be able to discuss the route and similar things.
I could play different role: from deckhand to first mate, watch-keeper, cook (but I prefer not exclusively), experienced mate or passenger. Or I simply could be a good travel mate, always willing to help and have fun.