sabato 27 giugno 2009



After the full moon party in Koh pangan, I moved to another beautiful island. Koh tao is the most active diving center in the world, and the island atmosphere is obviously influenced by that: crowds of young people splitting their time between immersions, sunbaths, and crazy parties, beat the island rhythm.
I enrolled in an advanced course and, since I am really loving diving, I will probably go also for the rescue course and maybe even for the divemaster.

My favorite moment is the evening, when I come back home with the sunset on my right hand, barefoot on the sand: all the restaurants and bars on the beach are getting animated and music is enriching the air.

2 commenti:

franco carlo ha detto...

Complimenti,molto bella la foto subacquea-Conservala per quando sarai un divemaster!Diranno "anvedi quello, se mette pure in posa sott'acqua"

Anonimo ha detto...

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