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22 January 2009,
Sydney, Australia.

"Time is the most expensive thing we can ever spend" once said the wise man. While I am sipping a cold beer in this hot afternoon I think how much I would have liked to sail into this beautiful bay of Sydney. But I spent two months in New Zealand, and sail here would have taken a couple of weeks, which I have not available on my schedule, as I am supposed to be in thailand for the beginning of February. I know what are you thinking: what on earth does push me to rush? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind... as anyone willing to sail around the world I have to follow the seasonal trade winds: if I am not in the right place in the right time, I have no chance to find a boat to continue my circumnavigation... nobody likes to sail in the bad season.

So I had to take some decisions, I chose to fly here and after Bangkok. I will have this way some time to see a bit around Australia and Thailand before getting on my next boat that will bring me throughout the indian ocean. Sure enough it is a pity to jump over the whole Indonesia, such a fascinating and unknown continent to me, but, as I sad, it is impossible to see everything (moreover who wants to see everything normally ends up seeing nothing).

Sydney Chronicle.

During my stay in Sydney I have tried for the first time in my journey to couch surf. For those who don't have the slightest idea of what it is about is very easy to explain: hospitality!

Former travellers from all over the world, presently settled down, offer to host other travellers in their place for a short while. The advantages are evident: beside the mere economic saving, we'll be meeting someone supposed to have similar interest (our host has read our profile on internet, and then decided if there is any compatibility) and willing to show us around. Normally is far better than hiring a guide, as we are introduced to a bounce of friends and brought where local people really go.
So another tip for those who are unsure if leaving or not: check, now – even if you dream to wander about overland – you can't even cling to the excuse of hotel expenses... couch surfing is as free as fun!

You can imagine the place as a little open air parlour improvised in a narrow back alley of a red-brick building. Sofas are three old armchairs not really neat, hosting holes and burns, but with a certain "je ne sais quoi" of antique / junk dealer... Through the wood floorboards you can catch a glimpse of the dirty street below... an ashtray goes around from hand to hand even if cigarette's stubs and shrunken packets are good neighbours with smashed cans here and there; in the meantime, tiny cathedrals are built up around by empty glass-bottles. Typical dozen 20something-flatmates' apartment scenes.
Sydney's night is clear and fortunately the torrid heat of last few days has been washed away yesterday by a nice rain, and now we can all enjoy fresh air and chat in these beautiful al fresco living room.

Half of those present are Asiatic, they have some remarkable common characteristics: they are shy to the point to seem afraid to make a move so that they looks like clumsy puppets, so emotional to seem easy touchy, they commonly fall in a immoble silence in which their eyes start wandering around herky-jerky, difficult to say if it is due to a language barrier or to an innate different logic. The girls are normally very shining though, with big smiles inspiring a natural empathy, while men are easyly a bit feminine.
Reeugy, told us some interesting things about asian aesthetics and culture, it sounds to be the real opposite of ours:
japaneses, in particular, spend a ridiculous amount of money to get hair transplant, as they are hairless. Many websites offer deals for combo of different parts of the body. Notably in europe and the States the laser depilation sounds to work in opposition: maybe in few years we'll have all the south-italian men smooth as babies and a bunch of superhairy calabrese style japaneses
while the reach western people (with very few to do and worry about) want to show the darker tan as possible, almost all over asia that is gonna label you as belonging to the lowest class ever (the workers)
on a similar basis, long fingernails (in western countries nowadays a bit out of time even for females) are grown proudly as unmistakable mark of have being away from manual work for a long time.
The list could be longer, the moral is very short: it sounds like everybody really was always after his opposite. Tao is it right?


Even if I tried to dedicate my mornings to wander around the city and the hot afternoons reading in the delightful chill of the main library, I cannot deny that the main activity down here is: P A R T Y !!!!!!
Sydney rocks. Especially the hostels scene is bursting hot, it sounds like everyone here subscribed, as soon as he step on the Sydney ground, a commitment to get drunk every given night. What else can I say? The Australian day didn't really help to brake down a bit...
For those pour europeans who couldn't enjoy that amazing atmosphere I think the hostel is the closest thing to an american college ever: the "Fatti-Strafatti e strafighe" ("Dude, where's my car", the italian title is simply better)thing that everyone dream in his childhood here comes true. A permanent feeling of idleness ready to explode in a orgy of alcohol, drugs and sex...
The flip side of the coin (for those interested in the budget affair) is that was enough one week here to piss away the same money I spent in almost a month in new zealand... diavuli virtus in lumbis est...

PS. Of course I have been to the Sydney Opera House too see an opera: Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci, soon I will add comments about, stay tuned

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franco carlo ha detto...

L'Opera House di Sydney deve essere formidabile!Ma sono curioso di sapere se il cast dei cantanti era italiano o australiano perchè mi domando come hanno fatto a tradurre in inglese la "Siciliana" cantata da Compare Turiddu, o
tuttalpiù come 'hanno pronunciata in siciliano (stile yankee) le seguenti strofe?Che spasso!!

O Lola ch'ai di latti la cammisa
Si bianca e russa comu la cirasa,
Quannu t'affacci fai la vucca a risa,
Biato cui ti dà lu primu vasu!
Ntra la porta tua lu sangu è sparsu,
E nun me mporta si ce muoru accisu...
E s'iddu muoru e vaju mparadisu
Si nun ce truovo a ttia, mancu ce trasu.aahh aaahhh
e l'orchestra fà zum zum(stavolta
anche in inglese)